Hi, I am Derek.

I obsess about designing strategies and systems that capitalize on ambiguity, uncertainty, and risk.

Pre-professionally, I prop traded public equities where my investment strategy capitalized on liquidity, governance, and tax advantages for spectacular returns on my portfolio.

Professionally, I am a tech entrepreneur to diversify from my prop trading hobby. To date, I helped launch four new software products, built three technical teams, and started two companies. In addition, I advised dozens of other startups with anecdotal advice. Prior to tech entrepreneurship, I advised Fortune 500 clients on their technology strategy as a management consultant for Accenture.

Personally, I climb literal and intellectual mountains on the weekend. Most of the mountaineering in Colorado is either ski mountaineering or scrambling, and I will also dabble in all other disciplines of climbing. Then, intellectually, I try to challenge myself by reading a lot of books, thinking, and experimenting. The best outlets of this for me, beyond trading, are by cooking, gardening, remodeling, and training. Last, none of this comes without support. So it’s easy to regularly find me throwing the ball for my dog and eating dinner with my family (parents, grandma, and siblings) on Sundays.

This website was designed for me to organize my own thoughts and have an easy way to share those thoughts with friends. If you find yourself here haphazardly, welcome.